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Should I create a course in 2022?

Now is the perfect time to create an online course, membership, or online program. As the CEO of a Course Development Agency, many people ask me if I think it's too late to create a course, but in this post, I share how now is the perfect time to get started!

Let's dive in!


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Tip #1 - You can move beyond the time for money hustle.

Majority of my clients are looking to make more impact and more income without sacrificing more time. Can you relate?

If you are ready to move from trading dollars for hours to an unlimited stream of making money in your sleep or while on vacay - creating a course could be perfect for you.

Your online course can provide an “evergreen” source of revenue AND a steady stream of ideal clients into your higher-end programs and services.

Tip #2 - You can generate six figures with less traffic than you might think.

100 people a year purchasing a one thousand dollar course will deliver 6-figures in revenue. That's about 2 people per week.

Maybe you don't feel comfortable charging one thousand dollars yet, so I'll give you another example. 200 people a year purchasing a $500 course will also deliver 6-figures in revenue. That’s only four people a week.

Think about it…recently (according to Google), almost 9 thousand people searched for “online writing course”. Yep! Nine thousand!

That's why I say that it can be easier than you think to find your 2-4 people a week.

Tip #3 - You can leverage your results quickly and consistently.

You can leverage what you are already good at and scale your one-on-one results to group results – transforming the lives of more people in less time.

Remember what I mentioned earlier...


You might be surprised at some of the course topics out there that are wildly successful. Some of them include: styling, creating, writing, scrapbooking, photography, blogging, cooking, accounting, and the list goes on. It's cool, right?

Tip #4 - You can grow your coaching or consulting business quickly.

Many people think they should wait to “grow a list” before they create an online course. One of the fastest ways to grow a list of followers is to offer a way for them to work with you to get results.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field will increase your credibility, brand awareness, potential speaking engagements, and of course increase the number of hot leads that you have for your 1:1 services or more premium offerings IF you decide to have those other services.

This is it for now!

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