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What are the benefits of online courses?

Online learning connects students and educators through the use of technology. According to Research and Markets, the online education market is expected to reach $230 billion by 2025.

There are numerous advantages to online courses, aside from the ability to make education accessible even during a global pandemic. In this post, let's explore some benefits of online courses for impactful online educators.

Here are the benefits of online courses for Impactful Online Educators:

More teaching opportunities:

Online learning gives educators more options for teaching in a variety of ways. One clear example is that teaching during COVID-19 would have been impossible if online learning had not been available.

You can also reach more students because online learning has no physical space constraints. The number of students enrolled in an online course is limitless because there are no capacity concerns.

For online courses, you can have an unlimited amount of students being served all at once. For other online programs, educators cap the number of students to ensure they can provide feedback, strategy, and support to every student.

Communicate more effectively with students:

If you intentionally create your online course or program, you will allow students with different learning styles to participate in your offer and receive their promised transformation. As a result, you will be able to impact even more people because you've done the work to ensure your course/program is inclusive.

Compared to in-person learning, asking a question is much less intrusive with online learning. It can be as simple as your student typing their question and pressing enter. Then you'll just check the chat log for questions during designated Q&A periods or as they arrive.

Hold students accountable:

It is simple to track attendance and participation in an online learning environment. This frequently includes online work submissions.

Some platforms accept assignments and track when work is submitted, so there should be no doubt about whether a student's submission is submitted.

Holding students accountable is extremely important because if they say your course/program didn't work for them, you can keep them responsible for whether or not they followed your unique framework to receive said transformation.

Now, you can see why it's crucial to ensure your course/program is created to keep your students involved and on track to receive the transformation you promised.

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